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Vertex has installed the air conditioning (A/C) system for three floors occupied by tenant MLM, the multidisciplinary engineering and environmental consultancy and corporate approved inspector.

Each floor was fitted with a 3-pipe Mitsubishi Heavy Industries VRF (variable refrigerant flow) A/C system and has local, hard-wired controllers with in-built, 7-day time control fitted. Within the open plan areas indoor units have been paired-up to one controller to prevent erratic temperatures within the area. Individual offices have their own controllers. Each floor’s units are powered from the respective local riser cupboard distribution board.

Externally, three outdoor units rated at 68KW each provide heating and cooling to the indoor units, one for each floor. These units are powered by a dedicated, new 3-phase electrical distribution board located in the ground floor switch room installed by Vertex.

Dedicated treatment for the Server Room environment called for two, 5KW-rated, wall-mounted units, operated from a wall-mounted infra red remote controller. The external condensers are sited in the Landlord’s roof plant room.